Knowledge flows - Analyzing the core literature of innovation, entrepreneurship and science and technology studies

One of the things we did in the DIME network, was an analysis of the academic literature on knowledge, innovation and entrepreneurship. The results are now published in a special issue of Research Policy. The paper is co-authored with Samyukta Bhupatiraju, Önder Nomaler and Giorgio Triulzi.

Abstract: This paper applies network analysis to a citation database that combines the key references in the fields of Entrepreneurship (ENT), Innovation Studies (INN) and Science and Technology Studies (STS). We find that citations between the three fields are relatively scarce, as compared to citations within the fields. As a result of this tendency, a cluster analysis of the publications in the database yields a partition that is largely the same as the a priori division into the three fields. We take this as evidence that the three fields, although they share research topics and themes, have developed largely on their own and in relative isolation from one another. We also apply a so-called ‘main path’ analysis aimed at outlining the main research trajectories in the field. Here we find important differences between the fields. In STS, we find a cumulative trajectory that develops in a more or less linear fashion over time. In INN, we find a major shift of attention in the main trajectory, from macroeconomic issues to business-oriented research. ENT develops relatively late, and shows a trajectory that is still in its infancy.


Link at the publisher: DOI.

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